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Plastic surgery question (scar removal)?I had stomach surgery after a car accident and was left with a scar down my abdoman. I am having the scar removed by a very respected plastic surgeon who said he can greatly improve the look of the scar.
Has anybody had plastic surgery to remove a scar or know of anybody that has.
What should I expect? I know what the doctor says but I was looking for some “real person” experience.
Thank you!

Posted by Mike D
Dr BobPlastic surgery is very safe nowadays. My cousin got her breast reduction, tummy tuck and facelift surgery in India by the company called Forerunners Healthcare .The Price for the surgery she paid in India was very less. She paid 30% of the cost she was quoted in America.
Hope this helps.

Arguments FOR plastic surgery?I’m doing a debate at school tomorrow, about plastic surgery, and I have to be for it. I’ve got 3 ok arguments so far.
What would you say to defend plastic surgery?

Posted by Anthony
Dr BobPlastic surgery was developed during the Second World War to assist in the rehabilitation of service personnel caught in fires or cut by shrapnel. A lot of plastic surgery today is done on people who have survived horrific fires. Women who have been subject to acid attacks are another group who benefit greatly from plastic surgery. Women who have had a mastectomy also benefit from plastic surgery as this allows them to wear fashionable clothes, this is important as some women undergo this operation in their 20s.

Plastic surgery……..india?I want plastic surgery…….should i go to india to get the cheaper prices?

Posted by Catherine
Dr BobI wouldn’t go
Hope this helps.

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